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I just came off my high
.........vision blurry, can't see straight
stomach growlin'
yet I'm nauseous
???????can't remember the last meal I ate
heart pounding
hands sh sh shaking
my next high
I await
but until my next hit
I sit here

and I wait

I wait......
..............wait again some more
I've paged my supplier
but he hasn't come across my door
I'm sweatin
body broke down
but F*CK
I still gotta get my fix
I done did everything I could
short of selling my soul for the shyt
Did things I never thought I would
If I told my momma, she'd be sick
I'm easy to please though
Happy with the graham he hits me with
I treat 'em like a savior
seems like without him
I don't
The very ground he walks
I've paved in gold and then I kiss
Pray for him to answer my calls
sweatin' bullets when he don't
friends beg me not to see him
bold faced lie: I say I won't
I know that there are others
but I don't care about them tricks
you'd think my supplier was my god
the heroin my holy ghost spirit
though it took me a long time to admit
I need it in my system
focus lost, losing my grip
somehow blind to the fact
my supplier keeps me here
losing weight
sleeping late
eyes always shedding tears
too scared to be alone
PaRanOid when he's not here
But let me tell you what is is
that I really fear
It's not the fact that I'm an addict
nor all the problems you've read above
Its because the supplier is my man
and my heRoiN is his love.

Written by Ahsien

Ahsien Poets Page