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My Name Is

Why do you think you can control me?
I am never seen nor am I heard...
Sometimes you can see me in your actions
or sharing a few deep words
Most people take me for a joke
Ha-- he who laughs first laughs last
lets see how funny the shit is when I no longer cross your path
when the tears you cried from laughter are now because you're sad

Poor Baby

Still I'm the one taken for granted daily

My name used, slandered and defamed
Remember when he said it so softly
conveniently the same time he came
or when she said it with seduction
when you put that Benz in her name
A thousand pastors in as many churches
use it to cover up their shame
Then again...
there's times I live to hear it spoken
The way a mother says it to her child
For the 25 yr old in the military
who wont see his fiancée for awhile.
The reason Jesus forgives you endlessly
when sin is the reason for your smile
It's me who runs up your long distance
to bridge the gap of a thousand miles

you need ME

One of my hugs can bring you to tears
because of ME you didn't abort your baby girl last year
I brought that man down on his knee
you know, the one you hold so dear
I'm beautiful--- I know this
not conceited, just a little cocky
without living my pretty finger
I mend relationships, even those rocky
sometimes I fail
what I have to offer to isn't enough
when hope is gone, and faith a memory
when I lose to that dumb bitch called LUST

But with all that said and done
I will fight for you everyday
the only thing I ask...
please believe me before you say
when on tonight your knees you pray
eyes shut tight, hands raised above...
Say my name... Say my name
Say it again
my name is.... LOVE.

Written by Ahsien

Ahsien Poets Page